cheap sex chat
All phone sex numbers are advertised as being the best and the cheapest but, since I spent at least $30k calling sex chat lines these last years, I'll tell you for sure which the best cheap ones are:

Best Cheap Phone Sex Number

In my opinion, this is the best phone sex number to call, and I keep calling. It only costs 25 cents per minute so the only cheaper sexual activity you can have while not being alone involves a dog and some peanut butter. And not too much peanut butter either, since that stuff costs money. I'm not sure how they do it, but, even if it's so affordable, the quality of the service is more than awesome: hot nasty chicks to talk dirty to, no matter what fetish you sickos are into, high definition recordings to jerk off to while jogging or something and even a phone dating service, to get in touch with women (some of which might not even be that fat) who are as desperate for a fuck or a jack off as you are. Plus, you won't believe this, but they were also offering free $5 to new callers the last time I checked so, if they still do that, this is actual free phone sex, not just nearly free. Anyway, you can't go wrong calling the cheapest phone sex number there is so just go for it!

If you're looking for something a bit more special, these 4 phone sex numbers cost $2 / minute:

MILF Phone Sex

We all know a hot MILF we always run into at the store. Mine's a bit chubby and her eyes are bluer than the Pacific. We all smile when we see her and walk behind her down the isle so we can check out that big ass and dream about filling it up with cum. Just call this number and you'll have a sexy mature woman telling you exactly how to jerk it.

Kinky and Taboo Phone Sex

There are things that girls on most phone sex lines simply won't do. If your weird kinky fetish is something extremely taboo, like sucking off a hedgehog, rimming a hairy Cuban guy named Tito in a student center while wearing a bunny outfit, this is the phone sex number you should be calling.

Barely Legal Phone Sex

I don't know where they find them (I always assumed they use this number as some sort of training ground), but you'll always talk to a girl who'se about 18 or 19 years old if you call this sex chat number. They're sweet, shy, innocent and you'll have to pretty much guide them through the whole process. There's nothing like a teen girl blushing at the sound of old cock being stroked.

Cuckold Phone Sex

I'm not gay, but I always imagined that Jim, our Asian pool buy must have a nice thick cock. I also imagined him fucking my wife doggy style and making her scream and beg for more, like pathetic old me never could. Yeah, I'm a perv. Jim probably has a small prick and my Presbyterian church going wife would likely divorce me if I even suggested this but I know this is the best phone sex number for this fetish, and probably the cheapest way to do it.